Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) = Success, and Negative Mental Attitude (NMA) = Failure. Just as we gain weight when we consume more calories than we burn, our attitude can move from positive to negative as we are exposed to negatives in our environment. Fortunately, our attitude is one of the few things we have 100% control over. Other people and circumstances can only “mess with” our attitude if we let them.

The 7 Day PMA Diet is designed to help you stay in control of your PMA. Follow the 4 steps for 7 days and, if you like the results, repeat them for as many 7 day increments as you need to develop PMA.

Step One:    Think only positive thoughts. When a negative thoughts creep in, and they will, push them out with a positive thought.

Step Two:     Associate only with positive people. When confronted with negative people you can either change them or leave. If you can’t leave physically, leave mentally so you won’t buy into their negativity.

Step Three:    Do something each day, no pay involved (random acts of kindness). No pay involved includes not telling anyone that you did it.

Step Four:     Use your “Focus Card” daily. You can create your own “Focus Card” by using a standard 3 x 5 card. On one side, write one short-term, 7 day goal in each of the six areas of your life, e.g. family, financial, mental physical, social, and spiritual. These are goals you might not have done otherwise and they are something you can accomplish in seven days.

On the top half of the other side, list several things you are thankful for and on the bottom half list some of your accomplishments.

Then, fold the card in half several times and carry it in your pocket or somewhere else where you’ll have easy access to it. When you feel your PMA being challenged, touching the card will be a reminder of what you wrote and will help you focus on what you want to accomplish (7 day goals), what you are thankful for, and what you have accomplished in the past. At least once a day, read the entire card. Good luck.


7 Day Goals
Write one goal for each area that you can and will complete in 7 days.

Family –

Financial –

Mental –

Physical –

Social –

Spiritual –

Count My Blessings
List several things you are thankful for.


List several things you have accomplished.


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