Here is a Sampling of Comments from
Clients and Participants

Recent Clients


  • Started measuring things that make the company money
  • Being a better coach has helped my staff be better players
  • I have become a better coach, knowing how to set goals and give feedback to my staff
  • The ability to focus more on what really matters and to act proactively instead of reactively
  • Gave me specific ways to meet with and encourage my employees
  • The atmosphere has become more positive company wide
  • Helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses and to work with these areas and others I encounter
  • Communication has improved at all levels
  • We learned how to bring out the best in our employees by using appropriate feedback
  • The Coaching Plan of Action and Coaching Logs have helped me keep the main thing the main thing
  • We are working better as a team
  • Better cooperation between departments
  • We are getting more done and having more fun
  • My branch has exceeded every BHAG goal but one
  • I am spending more time coaching and learning what motivates my people



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  • Great speaker. Great examples! Critical for all leaders to get motivated to motivate!
  • Kept me interested with humor
  • Upbeat, positive, to the point!
  • Great analogies.
  • Entertaining and thoughtful
  • Enthusiastic, well-organized presenter
  • Well-organized and easy to understand
  • Speaker was animated and involved with the audience
  • I enjoyed the personal examples used
  • Interesting, engaging, and thought-provoking
  • Related everything into what, when, and how of our industry
  • Gave us solutions! A way of getting jump-started
  • Concise, fast-paced, fun
  • Gave me a lot of ideas to take back to help me
  • Informative as well as fun. Principles specific to our needs and objectives
  • Rex has an abundance of energy and he infects everyone he comes in contact with
  • Great speaker. Articulate, charming, clear-cut message; points driven home; ideas that can be immediately employed