Management Resolutions for 2015


  1. Work from a written and specific goals program and make mid-course corrections as needed to achieve my important personal and professional goals.
  2. Work to improve all my personal and professional relationships by listening to understand, staying in the moment, and by being trustworthy.
  3. Make every person I interact with feel important by treating them with dignity and respect.
  4. Make sure each person understands his or her specific role in making the team a success.
  5. Eliminate common timewasters and stay in high payoff activities.
  6. Teach others how to do more, how to do it better, and how to come closer and closer to their full potential.
  7. Learn from others as well as from books, CDs, and seminars.
  8. Focus on what I can control and not waste time on things I can’t control.
  9. Get individuals to mesh their goals with team goals.
  10. Pay attention, listen, and learn.
  11. Be optimistic and enthusiastic.
  12. Always be prepared.
  13. Lead by example.
  14. Develop a high sense of urgency for outcomes.
  15. Be patient with people, especially when they are being trained or learning something new.
  16. Accept personal responsibility and hold team members accountable.
  17. Act quickly to correct inappropriate behavior in a positive manner.
  18. Look for ways to show appreciation and show my appreciation often.

Have a Happy, Productive, & Profitable New Year!

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