Management Resolutions for the New Year

  1. I recognize that I am responsible for achieving results through others and that I need them more than they need me.
  2. I will strive to produce products and/or deliver services for less than they cost to produce or deliver, thus making a profit.
  3. I will be profitable and productive by improving utilization of personnel, material and other assets.
  4. I will develop our team based on personal accountability, i.e. each team member will deliver value greater than his or her total cost of employment.
  5. I will concentrate on excellence rather than perfection.
  6. I will become credible by earning my authority, not demanding it.
  7. I will use more influence and persuasion and less authority and control.
  8. I will ask better questions to get better answers and results.
  9. I will identify and stay in high payoff activities; and, get my team members to do the same.
  10. I will improve my ability to delegate and delegate more effectively.
  11. I will include people in the decision making process to increase their commitment, ownership, and results.
  12. I will use positive confronting to correct inappropriate behavior and I will resist the temptation to use sarcasm, criticism, or any other form of mental abuse.
  13. I will invest at least as much time on preventing problems as I spend solving them.
  14. I will hire for talent, train for skills, teach for knowledge, and motivate for growth and profit.
  15. I will focus on strengths and manage around weaknesses.
  16. Being a manager or supervisor can be very rewarding and very challenging at the same time. I will develop a high sense of urgency for outcomes; and, at the same time, I will also be patient with people.


Happy Productive & Profitable New Year!

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