1. Show appreciation for team members’ work and their contributions to the accomplishment of your team’s goals.
  2. Provide opportunities for training and learning.
  3. Match talents to roles as best you can.
  4. Treat each team member as an individual; get to know what is important to each team member; keep in mind that it is hard to motivate a stranger.
  5. Create a balance between striving for productivity improvements and developing team members.
  6. Expect, recognize, and reward excellence and outstanding performance.
  7. Confront inappropriate behavior without being confrontational.
  8. Insist that decisions be made at the lowest possible level.
  9. Formulate development plans for each team member; get their concurrence.
  10. Treat team members with dignity and respect; encourage them; give them hope.
  11. Take pride in your team members’ productivity, and let them know it.
  12. Create a climate of mutual trust among team members; avoid manipulation.
  13. Ask good questions and be a good listener; listen for meaning as well as words; also, listen for what isn’t said.
  14. Use the magic question, “What do you think?” to build the confidence of team members and empower them to solve problems and make good decisions.
What Do You Think?

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