Rex Houze

Rex Houze Improving PerformanceRex Houze, Founder and CEO is an author, professional speaker, and business owner. His many publications focus on all aspects of leadership development and productivity improvement. His publications include four books on leadership development, seven productivity improvement programs and numerous booklets on various leadership topics. Throughout his business career Rex has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs develop successful leadership and management development businesses throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. The professional trainers and consultants who deliver his state-of-the-art leadership, management, and productivity improvement programs to businesses enjoy careers that are filled with business success stories.

Rex offers a cost effective starter package for qualified candidates who already are professional trainers and consultants who want to grow their business or qualified candidates who want to become professional trainers, speakers, or consultants.

Rex and his team of professionals have in excess of 130 years combined experience in marketing and delivering professional training and development to businesses. Rex and his team are available to coach experienced professionals as well as those wanting to get started.