The Magic of TEN

  • Ten is a perfect score in Olympic gymnastics
  • The Big 10 and PAC-10 Conferences
  • Our decimal system is based on ten
  • Ten Commandments
  • Top Ten lists
  • Phil Rizzuto wore number 10
  • FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List
  • 10 Downing St. is a famous address
  • “What a Difference TEN Minutes Can Make” is a booklet by Rex Houze


You can make a tremendous impact in ten minutes; in ten minutes you can:

Help someone or hurt them.
Unleash someone’s potential or squash it.
Motivate someone or de-motivate them.
Build someone up or tear them down.
Learn how to bring out the best in someone or settle for sub-standard performance.
Encourage someone or encourage someone.

  • You can also spread joy or spread misery.
  • You can positively impact those around you or negatively influence them.
  • You can pass on what you have learned.
  • You can “pay it forward.”
  • You can Teach someone.
  • You can Encourage someone.
  • You can Nurture someone.

In addition to making a difference in someone else’s life … ten minutes at a time, you can also make a huge difference in your own life.

In ten minutes, you can:

  • Read 5 pages in a self-help book – the equivalent of one 150 page book per month.
  • Listen to a portion of a self-improvement or motivational CD = 60 hours of self-improvement per year – the equivalent of attending 5 two-day workshops.
  • Re-connect with a family member, friend, former co-worker, or someone who influenced you in a positive way, e.g. teacher, coach, mentor, etc.
  • Learn something new.
  • You can reflect on your strengths, blessings, and/or things you are thankful for.

As we approach this holiday season and a new year, I encourage you to consciously and purposely choose to spend as many ten minute opportunities as you can to encourage others and improve yourself.

ACTION: Take 10 minutes and make a Top Ten List of things you will do in 2015 to encourage, build up, nurture, teach, and learn.

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