Leadership Insights


If you are ready to bring out the best in yourself and others then this is the book for you!  In Leadership Insights, Rex Houze presents 52 unique, performance enhancing perspectives that have been implemented by companies and individuals worldwide for more than 40 years.  Rex’s straightforward approach makes it easy for everyone to achieve better performance and results by simply applying the proven techniques explained within this book.

You will discover how:

  • Goal setting can help make this your most successful year yet.
  • Eliminating common time wasters from your daily schedule will help you achieve a higher level of productivity.
  • Keeping score will generate excitement, improve accountability, and create a motivational environment.
  • Bridging the gap between performance and potential can magnify your achievements.

Rex Houze has been involved in the professional development industry for more than 40 years.  He is founder and CEO of Improving Performance and Results, Inc., a firm dedicated to helping business leaders bring out the best in themselves and others.

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52 Unique Perspectives to bring out the best in yourself and others

Written By: Rex C. Houze